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Reviews of The Fifth

I have been remiss in sharing reviews, so here a peek at some:, but check them out in full at

JT writes: “For me this book was one of those rare finds which bring such a welcome twist to a Legendary story . . . The author does an amazing job of embedding character traits and individualizing each of the horsemen . . . after reading this book I have an entirely different perspective on these four, as well as this Fifth . . . the author does an amazing job of introducing the Fifth and making it seem as though they were intended to be a part of the “team” all along . . . This is a fantastic book and I highly recommend it!”

AM writes: “Older than time itself, than the Angels above and Hell below, The Four Horsemen have existed to carry out their Father's will without question, without doubt or mercy. Time and again, the world has been on the precipice of welcoming the Fifth, whose identity, whose purpose has never been revealed through word of mouth nor written word and is in fact, shrouded even from the Horsemen; but that time has come to an end . . . “The Fifth” by Mario Kiefer . . . gives us a look into the musings of these beings, interjecting humanity into their thoughts, if not their actions as they traverse the world, unleashing a devastating plague upon humanity intertwined with war, famine and most assuredly death . . . I won't spoil who and what The Fifth happens to be other than to say that the what has been with us from the beginning and the who does make sense . . . This is a great read that gives you insight into a set of beings that have been shrouded in mystery and sometimes exquisite horror as generation upon generation have come to fear what they represent."

DF writes: “This is the second book by Author Mario Kiefer that I have read, and again he did not disappoint! Author Kiefer tells a story that sucks you in from the beginning and keeps you turning the pages quickly until the end! . . . [he] puts his own spin on the story by having the Four Horseman . . . tell the tale from their own point of view . . . The imagery that is portrayed in this writing is phenomenal! I enjoyed it very much and read through it quite quickly . . . This is definitely a thought provoking tale that will catch the readers attention. It is about the ending of the world, so be prepared. Excellent writing, I highly recommend.”

JT2 Writes: “This is an extremely thought provoking read. Are we truly living in the last days? I can see the possible truth of this . . . I encourage you to take the plunge and read this book. I highly recommend this to everyone.”

GH writes: “Mario Kiefer is someone who is good at both the art of telling a story, and the craft of writing fiction. The book is a re-telling of the Christian Bible stories of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse as if it were to happen today, or in the near future . . . It is . . . updated to the people of today . . . people would react (or how they are reacting) . . . to famine, war, death and pandemics. What the Red Horseman did in this book actually happened four months after the book was published. And what happened is not a good thing . . The strength of the writing is how Mario Kiefer pulls all the pieces of the story together at the end . . .The goal (the conclusion) is worth the travel (reading the book), and reading the book is what makes the last chapter work so well."

MC writes: ‘Even though the book is fictional. It is . . . almost . . . believable . . . Kiefer has written a very thought provoking read. What if we are in the end days? Those of us who believe, could probably see the very possibility of this. I do recommend this read. If you enjoy supernatural type writings. I think you will find this enjoyable. Some may find it to be a bit scary, due to the realistic topics that make up the story line. A+ from this reader. Enjoy!"

DH writes: “I am fairly familiar with the Book of Revelation in the Holy Bible's depiction of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse; Death, Pestilence, Famine, and War. I know their role from the human perspective . . . They are after all the beginnings of Armageddon. Kiefer flips the script though in his novel. He gives the narrative of the story over to the horsemen themselves and shares their vantage point . . . The author does a great job of drawing the reader in with the dark enthralling storyline. I could hardly put it down once I started . . . Very imaginative, creative and well put together by Mr. Mario Kiefer, and with that all said, I give it a high recommendation to have in your own library. But be warned it will envelop you till you get to the last pages!”

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