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Just another little snippet from The Fifth coming this October: Thanatos


Back and forth, back and forth, Thanatos ferried souls from this world to the next. Sometimes, that other world was filled with light while at other times, it was nothing but dark, and, sometimes, he ferried souls to the void beyond the worlds.

He never really cared where they were going; after all, he did not choose the destination. That was entirely up to the passenger. Not at the moment of boarding, of course, they purchased their tickets over time with the coin of action. Those actions they took while on the earthly plane, whatever they may be, ultimately set the course for where those souls would alight.

Thanatos always found it somewhat amusing what these souls believed; those silly notions they held about what might take them to the light versus the dark. Naturally, there were consequences for the larger infractions that were universally known and accepted, but these were not determinative; they only informed the broader brush. More often than not, it was the tiny things — the small, infinitesimal, meaningless choices they made that gave rise to their determined port of call. It was those things they did and to which they never gave a second thought; the minuscule, minor choices they made usually for comfort or joy, but more often than not, out of sheer mean-spiritedness. It was those things that set them down their path.

_________________ Want to know more? Coming this October . . . The Fifth.

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