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The Fifth - Well Imagined Telling

Here is a little excerpt from a review of “The Fifth. A. Mitt writes:

“The Fifth is a highly impressive, extraordinarily well imagined telling of the Tale of The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse. Written with exemplary prose, expertly plotted . . . unpredictable yet extremely satisfying. Moreover, the vivid imagery . . . is both intriguing and pleasantly unnerving. . . . the book’s best quality is its central characters, the Horsemen themselves . . . They are brought to life . . . colorfully and realistically . . . This was a great credit to the author’s masterful storytelling abilities.

“. . . if you have always been fascinated with the story of The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse than this novel is definitely for you . . . if you’re just one who appreciates well constructed fiction, extremely well developed characters and gifted storytelling, than you should read this book. It is first rate.”

Read the entire review on Amazon.

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