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The Genesis of Anger

I watch the news. I read the paper. I look around online and see what people post.

Everybody is so angry these days. They are angry over politics. They are angry over social issues. They are angry over, well, everything. And that anger spills over into behavior. Whether it's snarky comments online or getting into fisticuffs with the drive-thru worker because one received one too few chicken nuggets in his order. Doesn't matter what the irritation is. The anger pervades and erupts.

It used to not be that way. We used to be nicer to each other. We used to say "please" and "thank you." We used to let people go ahead of us in line just because.

I was trying to figure out when it all changed. Tracing it back, I can see when it all started. It was not all that long ago, after all. I see that it all began with . . .

the phone tree.

And, now, I understand.

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