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The Ordinary Sin - Angelina's Diary

From the author of “The Ordinary Life”, “The Ordinary Doll”, and “The Ordinary Monster” comes the fourth novel in this extraordinary series . . .”The Ordinary Sin”

Excerpts from Angelina’s Diary . . .


She is the child of Lust and like her mother, she can be overcome. Although this Sin is a pernicious one, Lust and all of her children can be defeated through chastity.


Envy is an odd Sin. She is not like most of her family. She can sometimes be difficult to spot since she spends so much time masquerading as another. She is prone to outbursts of anger so that, sometimes, when you see her, you think you are seeing Wrath, but it’s really not him. It’s her wearing Wrath’s mask. Sometimes, she pretends to be Pride. She acts all joyful and happy for you and everything around you. She boasts about you to all of her friends and family. But when you really look, you see that she is not Pride at all. When Envy pretends to be her sister, she doesn’t quite capture Pride’s haughtiness. It’s easy to mistake Envy for Greed. They are twins and so very similar. But Greed wants more and more while Envy covets what Greed has already gained.

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