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The Things People Say

There are so many things that we say when, really, we mean something different. Here are a few examples:

What they say: “He can be very honest“

What they mean: “He’s rude.”

What they say: “It goes without saying.”

What they mean: “Your so dumb that I have to spell out the obvious.”

What they say: “She’s very smart.”

What they mean: “She agrees with me.”

What they say: “I mean no disrespect, but . . .”

What they mean: “I don’t respect you.”

What they say: “Have you lost weight?”

What they mean: “You are still fat.”

What they say: “Wow.”

What they mean: “I’m underwhelmed."

What they say: “Can’t we all just get along?”

What they mean: “I wish everyone shared my opinion.”

What they say: “I’m outraged!”

What they mean: “I want to cause trouble.”

What they say: “What do you think?”

What they mean: “You better agree with me.”

What they say: “I need your advice.”

What they mean: “I don’t really care what you think, I am going to do what I want to do anyway but am looking for cover.”

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