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Aren't You Tired?

I am reading about the election results and what some are syaing and rolling my eyet. I would roll both if I had two.

THE RIGHT: This is a repudiation of leftist policies. The Red Wave is about to begin.

THE LEFT: These racists just followed a dog whistle! This proves America is racist!

But, here’s the truth that too many don’t want to see:

This election proves neither of the above.

1. The winners eked out their victories by very small percentages. (In the case of the gubernatorial contest in Virginia, Youngkin got 51% and McAuliffe 49%.) The country remains divided. We are still a 50/50 nation.

2. Each side uses that division to gain advantage. The winning side takes their victory by encouraging anger and hatred in their base. In 2020, the Left won by encouraging anger directed at Donald Trump. In 2021, the RIght won by encouraging anger against the Left’s policies. They know that in a 50/50 nation, the winner is selected by turnout and turnout is driven by who is angrier. So they purposefully feed that anger. The angrier side are the ones who will go out to vote, after all. Who can they make angrier in 2022?

3. Too many of us fall prey to that anger. Like sheep, we bleat to the call of those that stoke its flames. Too many of us don’t even see what we are doing. We spread that anger across social media, the “news”, and some, even in our own daily lives. Then there are those of us who knowing this, do it anyway seeking our own advantage. (You know who you are.)

4. The parties (each of them) are only concerned with winning. They don’t care one whit about you. What’s good for the party, they believe, is good and they must destroy anything that stands in their way.

5. As we continue down this path of hate, those who want to destroy this nation and everything it stands for laugh at us - as they take our treasure (then loan it back to us demanding interest), as they steal our intellectual property (and use it build more lethal weapons to be used against us), as they sit back and watch us destroy . . . ourselves

All of this because the parties encourage us to hate each other; the parties encourage us to hate ourselves; the parties encourage us to hate. And too many of us go along with it.

Aren't you tired? Seriously, aren't you tired? I mean . . . it must be exhausting to be so angry all of the time.

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