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Sock Monkey and ABC Company

Many years ago, Sock Monkey worked as the CEO for ABC Company located in the heart of the city. Like any CEO, he had people in the company who loved him; and there there were many that detested him, as well. It didn’t seem to matter what he did. The ones who loved him, loved him no matter what. And the one that hated him, hated him no matter what.

ABC Company had a business arrangement with EVL Enterprises. EVL was known for its corruption and Sock Monkey had long suspected that EVL was taking bribes - even from people within Sock Monkey’s own company. One day, Sock Monkey decided that this corruption could no longer stand. He telephoned the CEO of EVL and told that CEO that ABC Company would no longer do business with them if they continued to accept bribes. Sock Monkey insisted that EVL cease that corruption and investigate anyone involved in it.

Hungry Hippo overheard this conversation and, knowing that one of Sock Monkey’s rivals on the Board had been involved in the bribery took this to mean that Sock Monkey was asking the EVL CEO to investigate the rival. Hungry Hippo thought this was not-right.

Rather than report this to ABC Company’s oversight and disciplinary committee, Hungry Hippo told her friend, Cuckoo Carol. It was well known that Cuckoo Carol hated Sock Monkey and when Cuckoo Carol heard the story from Hungry Hippo, she took it upon herself to report the incident to the oversight and disciplinary committee. Sock Money’s rivals spread the news far and wide in an effort to coerce the committee to investigate.

Sock Monkey was distraught. He had tried to stop EVL’s corruption from spreading into he ranks of ABC Company, but his enemies were now twisting what had been done. They were launching an investigation based on Cuckoo Carol’s statement about what Hungry Hippo said and Hungry Hippo’s interpretation of what she overheard.

On the day that he was set to appear before the oversight and disciplinary committee, Sock Monkey thought, sardonically, “What a fine day for our company - when a man can be investigated over hearsay statements by someone who clearly has an axe to grind.”

Not for the first time, Sock Monkey wondered: If the principals and employees of ABC Company support this type of corruption, then perhaps it was time for ABC Company to fold its tent.

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