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It’s a Dog’s Life . . .

DOG: I don’t want that toy. Gimme another one.

ME: Ok. Here you go.

DOG: I don’t want that one either. Gimme a different one.

ME: Ok. Here you go.

DOG: I am tired of that one. Gimme another.

ME: Ok. Here you go.

DOG: I already played with that one. Gimme something else.

ME: No. You have three toys out there. Pick one of them.

DOG: But I already played with them.

ME: Dawg, you have too many toys and I am not gonna be running around this house picking them all up. Play with what you have out there.

DOG: But I want a different one!

ME: Nope. Choose from those three.

DOG: Harumph. [Flops to his belly, front paws out, snout atop his paws and stares at me.]

ME: Don’t give me that look.

DOG: You’re a meanie keeping my toys from me.

ME: If you want to play with all of the toys in your toolbox, then I guest you better learn to put them away.

DOG: But, that’s what I have you for.

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