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It's Fowl

It’s a Dog’s Life . . .

DOG: What are you trying to pull?

ME: What do you mean?

DOG: This thing in my food bowl.

ME: It’s fowl.

DOG: And?

ME: And what?

DOG: What do you have on your plate?

ME: Ground beef with cabbage and vegetables.

DOG: So you are eating fine cuts of beef while feeding me some foul.

ME:  That’s a freshly cooked, fine cut of chicken - all white meat; breast only. I have leftovers from three nights ago.

DOG: So you admit that you have fine meat while trying to serve me lesser foul.

ME: Fowl?

DOG:  No - fouL: F-O-U-L, foul. You get the good stuff and give me something foul.

ME:  Pass me the wine.

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