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It’s a Dog’s Life . . .

DOG: Where were you?

ME: I went to the store.

DOG: Why didn’t you take me?

ME: They only allow emotional support animals in the grocery.

DOG: Don’t you love me?

ME: Of course, I love you?

DOG: Don’t you need my love?

ME: Of course, I need your love.

DOG: Aren’t you dependent on my loving support.

ME: Of course.

DOG: So why not make me your emotional support dog and take me everywhere?

ME: I am not so emotionally fragile that I will lie just to take you places.

DOG: It’s not a lie.  You admitted that you love me, that you need my love, and that you are dependent on my emotional support.

ME: Open the wine.

DOG: So, you prefer to get your support from the wine rather than me?

ME: Aaaaaarrrrrrghh!

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