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It’s a Dog’s Life . . .

ME:  Good morning. We are three days into the new year!

DOG: I don’t understand the human need to mark time.

ME: Say what?

DOG: Your years - even your months, weeks, and days - are just an arbitrary concept that you devised. It serves no real purpose in the grand scheme of things.

ME: Huh?

DOG: We dogs have no need for such artifice. We wake; we eat; we play; we sleep. Each day is the same.

ME: Okay. . ..

DOG: You humans are no different.

ME: We’re not?

DOG: You wake, you work, you eat, you sleep.

ME: True.

DOG: So why must you put little marks on a paper to remind you that time passes? Will tomorrow change?

ME: Every day is different.

DOG: Is it though?

ME: Open the wine.

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