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It’s a Dog’s Life . . .

ME: I have decided to change your name.

DOG: What? I like my name!

ME: We are going to call you . . . Sometimes.

DOG: Why Sometimes?

ME: Well when I put out your breakfast, sometimes you gobble it up like you have not eaten in a week

DOG: Because I’m hungry.

ME: But sometimes you will let it sit until afternoon.

DOG: Because I am not hungry.

ME: And, sometimes you are real sweet, playful and cute - like when you crawl up the back of the sofa onto my shoulder and cuddle against my head.

DOG: I am cute that way.

ME: But sometimes you are a little monster - like when you chew on things that you know you are not supposed to.

DOG: I would never!

ME: And sometimes, you are really smart - like how you know to push things under the sofa to get my attention or pretend to do something for a treat.

DOG: How else can I get you to play with me?

ME: But other times you are dumb as dirt - like when you chew rocks.

DOG: Rocks are tasty!

ME: No, they are not.

DOG: I am going to name you Always.

ME: Why Always?

DOG: Because even if I am sometimes not so nice, you will always love me.

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