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It’s a Dog’s Life . . .

ME: Why are you looking at me that way?

DOG: Because you’re a mean daddy.

ME: How was I mean?

DOG: You took me to the mean lady.

ME: What mean lady?

DOG: The one at the place that smells funny.

ME: That’s not a mean lady. She’s a nice lady

DOG: No, she’s not.

ME: She gave you treats, didn’t she?

DOG: Well yeah, but . . .

ME: And she gave you lovin’s, right?

DOG: Yes.

ME: So why do you call her mean?

DOG: She stuck me with the sharp needles.

ME: That was yo give you medicine.

DOG: But I am not sick.

ME: Those were vaccinations. They keep you from getting sick.

DOG: I don’t like them.

ME: Nobody likes them, but they are necessary

DOG: They prick me. They hurt.

ME: Well, now you know how your little teeth feel, don’t you?

DOG: Open the wine.

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