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It’s a Dog’s Life . . .

ME: Its bath day!

DOG: Why do I have to take a bath?

ME: Because you stink.

DOG: I like how I smell.

ME: Well, not so much today.

DOG: Well, other doggies like my smell.

ME: Think about what each of every one of you go sniffing around after.

DOG: [Looks at me quizzically] It’s good stuff.

ME: I ain’t gonna argue with you about that. Get in the tub.

DOG: [Rolls eyes. Ok.]

ME: [Washes dog. Rinses dog. Towel dries dog.] See that wasn’t so bad and now you smell much better.

DOG: Ok, I admit I -- I liked it. Especially the drying part. Can we go outside, now? [Looks up at me with those puppy-dog eyes]

ME: [My iced heart starts to melt] You were sooooo good in your bath that I say yes.

DOG: Yea! [Bounds to door]

ME: [Opens door. Let’s dog outside.]

DOG: [Runs outside. Jumps into a pile of leaves, grass, sticks, dirt, and God-only-knows what else. Rolls around.]

ME: [Calls out to Ric . . . ] Open the wine.

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